Dad’s Fingers

When I was little we had a green 1971 Ford LTD station wagon. That thing was awesome. Classic 70’s styling, including the faux wood paneling courtesy of a giant sticker. It had a big block V8, 429 Thunderjet with a 4 barrel carburetor. It weighed a ton but once it got off the line it would pick up steam and roll pretty nicely. It looked exactly like the above picture.

I never noticed it at the time but my Dad had a habit of placing his right hand on the top of the steering wheel and while waiting at a stop light he would thump his two main fingers up against the inside upper edge of the dash making a strumming sound. Quickly, back and forth with the two fingers, back and forth. The reason I suddenly remembered this is the other day is, I found myself doing this exact same thing while waiting at a red light. It dawned on me that my Dad did this exact same odd behavioral tick as myself. Genetics or a learned behavior from my environment?

Like father, like son. Happy Father’s Day dad.

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