Disney servers suck

This has been happening for days.



I’m so sick of it. I’ve stumbled across tons of 404s on their site as well. Page render times are terrible as well. Sometimes 20 to 30 seconds to render a page. Trying to plan your trip using their tools is pretty painful. Their pages are in no way optimized. Look at this one stat:

3578 rules (87%) of CSS not used by the current page

There are other horrific examples.

I had to call tech support for My Disney Experience to get our accounts to be able to access a single itinerary. The CSR told me that most people just share a login.

What is with go.com for all their sites. Seriously how does it help SEO, no one remembers you use go.com for anything, give it up already. It is a horrible idea that should be long retired at this point.

In terms of password security, they don’t allow non alpha-numeric characters to be used. They allow four character passwords of all lower case numbers or letters. They allow 1234 as a password. Yikes. The password recovery tool sends email and it comes from a twdc.com domain which is not immediately recognizable although they do a domain forward to thewaltdisneycompany.com if you investigate a little. They really should have an immediately recognizable domain for email. The best part is in the footer they say the following:

Copy and paste mydisney@disney.com into your address book to ensure optimal receipt of these communications.

Talk about a mess for people who like to have some semblance of email security. The worst security is probably over the phone. The only thing they verify a caller against is the name and address on the account. They then tell you the current email address and ask if you if that email address is correct.

They also still have SSLv3 enabled which makes them vulnerable to POODLE attacks. The certificate uses a weak signature, SHA1. Perhaps upgrade to at least SHA2. This server accepts the RC4 cipher, which is also weak. The server does not support Forward Secrecy with the any browsers i tried. Disney … get it together.

The one in which the Birthday Cake is Awesome

Alight this is going to be uber-geeky, but oh well. A friend of mine led me around on my birthday for hours. My wife picked out my clothes that day. She was getting mystery texts all day. She kept checking my phone. My friend insisted on getting some take out sushi, which is really where things began to fall apart. The concept of take out sushi was absurd to me. She was spreading dis-information throughout the day. And, I never, ever caught on. She planned and executed a surprise birthday party without me ever catching wind of it. I was completely surprised. Apparently coworkers were chatting in a web browser search bar on my computer in my office and I never caught on. Apparently, they even got texts from my wife while in my office and I never looked at their phones to spy. The operational security was quite impressive.

My wonderful wife even bought me a birthday cake for my birthday. As much as she loathes Star Trek, she bought be a Star Trek (TOS in this case) birthday cake. Thanks everyone.

Star Trek Birthday Cake

Star Trek Birthday Cake Star Trek Birthday Cake

NFO Creator for Boxee Box

I’ve had a few movies that BoxeeBox has been unable to identify lately. It is really annoying especially if you ever move source files around on your LAN. I have so much content I can;t cram it all onto a single source without paying a fortune. A while ago I started using my own cover art because BoxeeBox would lose them from time to time. Now, when BoxeeBox has a tough time identifying a movie I use NFO Creator for Boxee Box. This has proven to be pretty flawless. This site is highly recommended. Handwriting your own NFOs is just plain silly and a waste of time. Having your own NFOs allows you to also add the information of your choosing instead of relying on BoxeeBox. For the truly anal retentive you can tweak your descriptions to your heart’s content.

With the future of BoxeeBox very uncertain this may become a necessary tool in the future. My hope is when the first generation BoxeeBox is abandoned by D-Link, they make it usable for LAN content and ditch the Internet streaming features which are the cause of a lot of trouble. This seems almost improbable given D-Link’s history. One can only hope.

My Connected Home

It’s been a while since I last updated My Digital Life. There have been quite a few changes, most notably the introduction of MOCA into the house. Oh and a new house as well. I can’t decide which name is the best though, so this time I called it My Connected Home, since I’m not the only person who is reflected on the diagram. Maybe it should be our connected home.

Warning the full size image is 1.5 MB and measures 3223×1815 pixels. It took a ton of space to get everything on there. There is a surprising amount of things in the house. I left off the cars and other vehicles. I also left off most power supplies, that would have added a power cord and a PDU for every device listed. Here is the thumbnail (click for the full size version) to check out.

I’m sure as soon as I upload this I’ll find mistakes. If I ever find more time, maybe, I’ll fix them after Christmas. Things will have changed by then. This idea was shamelessly copied from Randy Krum at Cool Infographics.