Arctic Ocean Trip Day Three

Did 388 miles today. Spent the night in Lake Louise inside Banff National Park.

Had dinner at a restaurant in Lake Louise, good food but over priced like all food outside of the U.S. The area is amazing. I thought we had awesome mountains in Utah; those are amateur hour. These are the real deal.

The camp ground was run by crazy communist tent nazis. It was full of car alarms going off all night. If I ever had the desire to go camping again it was ruined forever in Lake Louise.

Gear is holding up well. Sleeping bag is great. Thermarest pad is doing good as well. In fact it is the one item that makes sleeping on the ground tolerable. The tent is pretty fast to set up. Takes about five minutes. Tent stakes are entirely optional.

The Garmin UI is absolutely terrible. It is really hard to navigate and there are many hidden reset options I need to use every time I stop and they are not readily available.

IMG_7799 IMG_7802

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