Happy Cycling (Full Length Video)

Since Instagram limits video length to a mere 60 seconds, here is the full version posted on Youtube. The video itself has been heavily mangled by the Youtube encoder and it is effects very obvious. It seems as if a video is encoded at 60 fps, Youtube will utilize a different encoder than the standard 30 fps. The differing results in quality are easy to notice.

The music in this video is Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling from the 1995 album Old Tunes Vol. 1. It was only ever released on cassette tape and distributed to friends. It is more commonly referred to as A Few Old Tunes by Boards of Canada fans. It is believed the song was first recorded n 1991.

For comparison here is the same video encoded at 30 fps using the same same bit rate on Youtube:

Undoubtedly, this version looks much better than the 6- fps version.  The Youtube 60 fps encoder is garbage. This is the first time I’ve had this happen. I suggest you avoid it.

The music for this version is also a track called Happy Cycling from Boards of Canada. However, it is quite different sounding. This version of the same titled track first appeared on the 1998 album titled Music Has the Right to Children. Many differing versions of Happy Cycling and variations have been produced since this version but do not have the dramatic differences between the 1995 version and the 1998 version.

For comparison here is the unmangled version in a local HTML5 player:

This was rendered using Apple compressor into and HLS MPEG-4 compatible file at 30 fps (29.97 fps).