unRAID Upgrade




I’m in the middle of a large upgrade to my primary media NAS running unRAID. I upgrade the OS to version 6. It is much more polished. I also upgraded the Parity drive to a 6TB hard drive. It is a Seagate ST6000VN0001 hard drive. I really like the Western Digital in the 4TB range but in 6TB Seagate benchmarks much better, and they only run 1-2 degrees warmer than the WDC Reds. So the parity calculation took seemingly forever. I must have refresh the status page 500 times and compared my remaining time calculations with the software many times. The unRAID estimate would fluctuate wildly between a few minutes and weeks. The actual time was close to my calculations which were averaged over several days. It didn’t help that I was doing a data load simultaneously as well. Nothing like stress testing your hardware. In the end it finally finished after 3 days, 17 hours and 46 minutes.



The main function is to serve video and audio content via Plex to all the TVs and iPads in the house. Plex makes life pretty nice.

Essential OS X Apps


Ever since I switched from Linux to OS X, (Windows 8, lol) there are a lot of apps I use and rely upon. Many I would consider essential for a power user. This is my list.

  • brew ; absolutely indispensable package manager. Pretty much the first thing I install on a new Mac.
  • reeder ; RSS reader. After Google Reader was executed I switched to feedly but it mostly sucks. I still sync with feedly but reeder is my client. It has a super killer feature called readability which will fetch the whole article for you
  • XLD ; I listen to high quality FLAC audio on nice headphones and nice speakers but Apple hates FLAC. So XLD converts to ALAC for me.
  • Transmission ; bittorrent client. For some reasons the Transmission devs hate RSS and you have to waste your time setting up a RSS plugin. Silly devs add RSS and you guys would be super popular. Lacks some features and not as good looking as utorrent but has no ads.
  • LimeChat ; The only decent IRC client for OS X.
  • Deliveries ; Super handy package shipment tracking and notification app
  • Screenflow ; Screen recording software I use mostly for recording game play. Not cheap at $99.
  • Tower ; Git client. Expensive.
  • Clean My Mac ; I’m lazy. Simplifies my life from boring OS tasks.
  • Little Snitch ; Firewall. The best one for Mac. I would avoid using profiles unless you want to be driven crazy.
  • iStat Menus ; Finder menu information. Because I really want to know the temperature of my PCIe Switch Diode (its the hottest thing in my Mac).

iTerm2 ; I know a lot of people really like this. I don’t use it as Terminal get the job done for me.