The Lewis and Clark from Scheels. Did they copy Cabela’s or vice versa?

The Lewis and Clark from Scheels. Did they copy Cabela's or vice versa?

Seriously, they look like Clones. Scheels is less focused than Cabela’s. The Ferris Wheel inside seems odd. I’m not sure what it has to do with sporting goods. Then you also have to consider Bass Pro Shops, the other large outdoor gear outfitter; which seems to have its own aesthetic. The focus for them is clearly fishing, and their store design reflects that clearly. Cabela’s seem a little more chaotic in terms of design, but it has a much wider audience it is marketing to so that makes sense. The hunting, fishing, and camping marketing and design in Cabela’s does a good job and looks interesting.

Scheels is the oldest of the three chains, so perhaps  they have the oldest design and have gone the longest without a refresh. It seems a bit dated. The large plane display also seems out of place. The look for Scheels is just scattered and haphazard. One thing I did find interesting is that the Scheels is employee owned and therefore a privately held company.

Oh one more thing, the sandwich was tasty.